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With the largest range of lift chair and electric recliners in Perth, you can trust that Ibis Furniture can find the perfect seat for you.

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High-quality Aged Care Furniture in Perth


Customised Chairs

We can customise the chair for your special requirements so it’s no longer a matter of sitting in just any old chair. You can now have that special chair made to fit you, thus giving you an unprecedented level of comfort.

Stylish Lounge Furniture

Ibis Furniture is also a maker of high-quality lounge furniture, specialising in motion furniture. Our furniture comes in a range of designs and sizes to fit the style, décor and dimensions of your room.

High Standards

All our furniture is of the highest standard, using top-quality materials and constructed by tradespeople of great skill and experience.

Providing Perth with Unbelievable Quality for over 20 Years

We have the largest range of lift chairs and electric recliners in Perth, so if you’re in the market for a lift chair, you’ve found the right place.
Call one of our friendly staff members to find out how we can help you find the perfect fit.
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